Outstanding collections ranging from prehistory to modern and contemporary art, from the masterpieces of the world's oldest public museum to heritage-enhancing projects using the latest digital technologies.

Musei in Comune is this and more.

It is also a lively museum network, animated by exhibitions and special events. Each day, many educational activities are scheduled: guided tours, talks, workshops and special projects that are appropriate for all types of visitors.

Many different and stimulating ways of knowing our cultural heritage, a common and shared good which must be appreciated and protected.

E.g., 22/09/2018
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Educational visits
Giornate Europpe del Patrimonio 2018
Villa di Massenzio
22 September 2018
Attività didattica nell'ambito delle Giornate Europee Patrimonio 2018 - “L’Arte di condividere” (The Art of Sharing) A cura di Ersilia Maria Loreti #GEP2018
04 October 2017 - 31 December 2020
Undici video in Lingua dei Segni Italiana dedicati alle persone sorde nell’ambito dei progetti di accessibilità del programma “Musei da toccare”
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